A tradition of quality

We make our components from extremely delicate wood such as ebony, rosewood or blackwood. Since most of these come from Africa and are extremely difficult to obtain, they must be selected and used with the utmost care. Karl Klier & Co. plays an active role in this process providing know how and helping local partners finance their technical equipment. We believe that personal contacts and diligence are still the best way to ensure the consistently high quality of the materials we use for our products.

For string instruments
Finished ebony fingerboards for violin, viola, cello and bass in six different quality grades and size from 4/4 – 1/16.
Blanks from our wood for fingerboards, pegs, tailpieces, endpins, chinrests, bow frogs, nuts and saddles in all requested sizes and different quality grades.
For woodwind instruments
Blanks from our wood for clarinet, oboe, bassoon, flutes, piccolo, englisch horn, bagpipe, mouthpiece.
For guitars / pluged instruments
Blanks from our wood for guitar fingerboards, tops, backs and sides, bridges, head plates, necks, bindings, lute.
For keys
Blanks from our wood for key overlays, sharps for pianos and historical instruments.
For orchestral percussion
Blanks from our wood for xylophone, marimba.
Blanks from our wood for mouthpieces, pen blanks, billard cues.
Wage Labor
  • Blackwood (Grenadilla) timber can be provided bored and turned
  • Kiln-dry service
  • Sawmilling
  • Copy milling for bassoons